The Love Story

Here it is, The Love Story. Our story.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

It's always been there

WOW!!! Cherie was going through her old bankruptcy stuff and found this old poem she had written around January 1999, a short time before she left Phoenix. This was an emotional time as she had filed bankruptcy, lost her car and everything, was deeply hurt by the church she attended, and everything looked black, a real dark time in her life. It is a poem about me. I was still in her thoughts despite our divorce fifteen years prior.

I’ve been playin’ with this pain
for way to long
and findin’ out I’m really not that strong.
To fight the lonely darkness
Of this place
What I wouldn’t give
To see your handsome face
When the mountains look like walls
It’s time to go back home
To the cities and the prairies
That I know
And if I could find a way
To find the love I threw away
I wouldn’t have to be this
Rolling stone

I had walked into the office to get a kiss and saying “Look what I found” she handed me a small piece of paper with this on it. When I read it I just started crying. She was too. We hugged and kissed and were again amazed at the full circle life had gone. We are blessed.

We never forgot each other over the twenty years we were apart. I took Cherie to see an old girlfriend I had for a short time to introduce her. I know that's strange but I keep no secrets and it wasn't a big deal. The old freind told Cherie that I had told her I could never love anyone because my heart was still with Cherie.


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